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Nova heroes of the storm

Nova heroes of the storm

November Annabella Nova Terra, the Dominion Ghost, is a Ranged Assassin class hero in Heroes of the Storm. She was one of the 18 first heroes to be officially announced at Blizzcon 2013. She was meant to be the main character of the console game StarCraft: Ghost, but the game was put on indefinite hold. She later showed up in StarCraft II and its expansion as well as two novels and three mangas.


Abilites [ edit ]

Starting Abilities [ edit ]

Heroic Abilities [ edit ]

Combat Trait [ edit ]

Talents [ edit ]

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Strategy and Role [ edit ]

Guides [ edit ]

Lore [ edit ]

November Nova Terra is a ghost of the Terran Dominion and one of the most powerful psionic soldiers ever known. Nova is highly focused, determined, and extremely deadly. Even Jim Raynor wouldn’t want to be caught within her crosshairs.

Nova was meant to be the main character of the console game StarCraft: Ghost, which was announced as being in development for GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2 in 2002 [1] . However, although the game development progressed forwards, the next-gen consoles eventually made their debut and the game was announced as being on «indefinite hold» in 2006 [2] . A prequel novel about Nova, with the title StarCraft: Ghost: Nova, was released later that year. Nova was one of the main characters in the manga series StarCraft: Ghost: Ghost Academy and in the novel StarCraft: Ghost: Spectre from 2011. She also had a minor appearance in the game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and its expansion StarCraft II: Hearth of the Swarm.

November Annabella Terra belonged to one of the Old Families on Tarsonis, one of the rich families with much power. Her father noticed early that she had psychic abilities and he used his power to keep her from being put into the Ghost Program, as all psychic children were supposed to. However, soon after her fifteenth birthday, her family was attacked by anti-Confederate rebels and she let out an uncontrolled psychic attack, killing everyone in a large vicinity. After that, she escaped to The Gutter, the slum of Tarsonis where she gradually became a drug addict and an unwilling subordinate to a the local drug boss Fagin. However, after a time, the Terran wrangler Kelerchian came to take Nova into the Ghost Program. Seizing the opportunity, Nova got Fagin killed and submitted to the Ghost Program willingly because she wanted the memory wipe that every ghost had to go through. [3]

Nova was one of the most powerful ghosts in existence, with a psi rating of 10 and at the Ghost Academy she was one of the best students. She was placed on Team Blue with several others, including Gabriel Tosh, whom she became romantically involved with. After some time, the Ghost students were sent to Planet Shi which was under Zerg attack and where Nova once again used her terrifying psychic attack and killed off every Zerg in a large blast radius. When she graduated from the Ghost Academy, she got the memory wipe and became Agent X41822N [4] . On a mission as a Ghost, however, Nova was exposed to Terrazine gas, which reversed the effect of the memory wipe. In the meantime, Tosh had started his own organization which aimed to to set Ghosts free by exposing them to Terrazine gas. He tried to recruit Nova, but she refused and eventually became one of the biggest threats to the organization, imprisoning several members [5] .

Tosh sought the help of Raynor to break out his spectres from New Folsom Prison. Nova decided to contact Raynor to tell him that Tosh could not be trusted and Raynor had to make a choice as to whom to believe, either helping Tosh get his spectres out of prison, or helping Nova destroy the spectres’ training facility. [6] Later, after Raynor had rescued Kerrigan and brought her to Valerian’s research facility on Umoja, Nova led the Dominion assault on the base and captured Raynor. Raynor was later freed by Kerrigan and Nova’s whereabouts were unknown. [7]

Nova was brought to the battlefield in Heroes of the Storm by The Nexus from an unknown point in time, either from the past, the present (with the end of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm marking the present) or possibly sometime in the future.

Heroes of the Storm: новый герой — Кахира

После пары небольших тизеров разработчики Heroes of the Storm анонсировали нового героя — Кахиру, убийцу ближнего боя из вселенной Нексуса. Она умеет наносить большой урон по линии, быстро перемещаться с помощью крюка и восполнять свое здоровья за счет противников.

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Красота и технический прогресс Ирезии с ее резными орбитальными скульптурами и сверкающими мегаполисами славились по всему Нексусу. Но могущество и процветание порождают конфликты. Когда конкурирующие фракции Ирезии разорвали ее на части и уничтожили ее самобытность, знаменитой воительнице Кахире оставалось только бежать. Теперь она странствует по Нексусу, вооруженная своим верным цепным мечом, зарабатывая на жизнь как охотница за головами и пытаясь найти выживших соплеменников.

Представляем вам Кахиру, второго оригинального персонажа, который пополнит ряды героев Heroes of the Storm. Кахира — сильная и ловкая убийца, которая за считанные секунды уничтожает врагов и скрывается с места боя с помощью своего «Цепного крюка». Читайте нашу статью, чтобы узнать о Кахире больше, испытайте ее в деле на PTR и помните, что уже на второй неделе августа Кахира появится в игре!

Игровой процесс

Убийца ближнего боя

Предлагаем вам ознакомиться с мощными способностями Кахиры:


«Резня» — Кахира запускает меч в выбранном направлении, периодически нанося урон врагам, оказавшимся в области поражения.

«Кровавая ярость» — пассивный эффект умения заставляет автоатаки и способности Кахиры вызывать у врагов кровотечение, урон от которого суммируется до пяти раз. При активации умения Кахира наносит дополнительный урон и восстанавливает здоровье за каждого пораженного вражеского героя. Наносимый урон и получаемое лечение увеличиваются за каждый эффект «Кровавой Ярости» на герое.

«Убийственное вращение» — меч Кахиры цепляется за первого пораженного героя, оглушая его. При этом Кахира быстро кружится вокруг цели, нанося урон всем противникам между собой и целью. При повторной активации она бросается к цели, отбрасывает ее, наносит урон и оглушает.

«Безжалостные удары» (1-я героическая способность) — Кахира размахивает мечом по широкой дуге, непрерывно нанося урон всем противникам поблизости. Когда действие способности заканчивается, все вражеские герои получают урон и оглушаются.

«Финальный удар» (2-я героическая способность) — после небольшой задержки Кахира обрушивает меч на землю, нанося значительный урон всем противникам на пути. Противникам с низким уровнем здоровья меч наносит дополнительный урон.

Умение: «Цепной крюк» — Кахира выпускает цепной крюк, который цепляется за любое препятствие и притягивает ее к нему. Если крюк попадает по вражескому герою, противник получает урон, после чего Кахира подскакивает к нему и наносит дополнительный урон при столкновении. Можно использовать, когда активно «Убийственное вращение».


На 7-м уровне Кахира получает доступ к талантам, существенно повышающим ее выживаемость и хорошо сочетающимся с другими ее талантами. Тщательно обдумайте выбор: он будет иметь огромное значение на поздних этапах игры.

На 16-м уровне обратите внимание на талант «Тяжелый удар», позволяющий Кахире оглушать всех героев противника вокруг цели, которую она атакует «Убийственным вращением».

На 20-м уровне вы можете выбрать талант «Штурмовой пояс», увеличивающий мобильность. С этим талантом время восстановления «Цепного крюка» обнуляется всякий раз, когда «Убийственное вращение» попадает по противнику. Кроме того, вне боя «Цепной крюк» восстанавливается на 900% быстрее. Это не опечатка: на 900% быстрее.

Еще один талант 20-го уровня, «Негде спрятаться», позволяет Кахире видеть на карте всех героев противника с низким уровнем здоровья. Пока действует этот эффект, Кахира перемещается быстрее и наносит больше урона.

А самое интересно что ее мир можна увидеть в ролике Алекстразы и Ханзо Драконы Нексуса

Nova heroes of the storm

Permanent Cloak (Trait) – Nova’s Trait, as not detailed on her tooltip, actually also provides an «active» ability called Ghost Protocal. Alongside the ability to Stealth and turn invisible when she remains stationary, she also gains an additional advantage:

Ghost Protocal: Activate to instantly gain Stealth to Nova and spawn a Holo Decoy at her location. Nova is Unrevealable for the first 0.5 seconds when Stealthed by Ghost Protocol.

Always try to remain stationary when near an objective before you burst, and remember that when Stealthed you’re easily visible to eagle-eyed players. Unload your abilities, reposition and go back in. Ideally, also use bushes and vents to mask your location until Invisible. Finally, save Ghost Protocal for when under serious pressure to instantly gain immunity and Stealth.


Snipe (Q) – This is your main source of burst, and an important ability to land consistently. Being in Stealth means it’s more difficult for your enemies to see it coming, so make sure to position correctly to hit your Snipe. If you miss, you’ll be lacking damage until the ability comes back off of cooldown. It’s also incredibly not to miss simply because Snipe provides a stacking bonus, up to 5. At 5 stacks, your Snipe hits 25% harder: a significant boost to your opening burst.

Pinning Shot (W) – In the quest to make sure that your Snipe lands, Pinning Shot can be undeniably helpful. Slowing down your target by 40% makes it easier to land a skill-shot, and the extra damage certainly doesn’t hurt either. Just be aware that Pinning Shot has a shorter range than Snipe by default, so be conscious of your surroundings before you decide to use it to lead your combo.

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Holo Decoy (E) – Due to having no mobility, effective use of Holo Decoy can be imperative to Nova’s survival. Since the decoy acts on its own, it can sometimes be difficult to trick people with it as it’s fairly predictable. However, it can still do things like tank turret shots on a dive and create confusion when enemies have several different things to focus on. If you choose to take Talents for the Holo Decoy, it can become much more effective in the later stages of the game.

Triple Tap (R) – Against an unorganized team, Triple Tap can be an absolute nightmare for your opponents to deal with. Its damage is high, and when lined up properly, can decimate a squishy enemy. However, opponents who are more aware will have their Warrior block the shots, making it much more difficult to hit your intended target.

Precision Strike (R) – When used correctly, Precision Strike can actually deal more damage than Triple Tap, and hit multiple targets. However, due to the delay, many Heroes will simply be able to leave the area of effect. This Heroic is most effective when used as a follow-up to your teammates’ crowd control, making escape no longer an option. The global range on it also means you’ll be able to nuke your foes from anywhere on the map, so make sure to pay close attention to what your teammates are doing, as you may be able to win team fights for them even if you’re not in position.


Level 1: Long Shot

Long Shot allows Nova to fire Pinning Shot from a much greater distance (by 30%) but also increases her range from 6.5, to 8.5 units. It’s a massive increase to her ranged potential and allows her to attack from much further back.

Variable: Nova has very little crowd control and gains it all through talents. Covert Ops allows her to cause a heavy slow when she has used Pinning Shot, as long as she has remained stealthed for 5 seconds. Considering Snipe has a 6 second cooldown, you really should be making constant use of this talent as once you’ve used all your abilities you want to back away and re-enter Cloak. A slow of 55% is enormous and makes landing Snipe shots incredibly easy.

Level 4: Covert Mission

Covert Mission is effectively Bribe, and allows Nova to acquire stacks to instantly convert Mercenaries. When she has, they’ll also respawn 50% faster. For invading the enemy base and taking their camps, it’s brilliant, while it also ensures Nova has a far wider use, as quicker Mercenary spawns significantly helps your team on Objectives.

Level 7: Perfect Shot

After Nova opens with her basic attack and Snipe, there’s not much else she can do (besides try to use more basic attacks). Taking Perfect Shot allows Nova to reduce the cooldown of Snipe by 4 seconds when hitting a Hero, ensuring she can Snipe much more often.

Variable: Although Anti-Armor Shells massively slows down your basic attack speed, it allows Nova to increase her basic attack damage by 250% while lowering the armor of her opponent by 10%. Combined with her Snipe (if fully stacked), she can deal massive burst damage.

Level 10: Orbital Strike

A large, global AOE that deals reasonable damage is excellent and Orbital Strike provides some much needed group wide pressure. If you can land it against a close knit group of players, it’ll cause huge problems. If nothing else, it’s great for preventing an objective interaction, or zoning the enemy.

Level 13: Psionic Efficiency

Psionic Efficiency allows Nova to increase the range of Snipe by 15%, but also sees you gain an extra stack of Precision Sniper. Great for quickly stacking damage.

Variable: Having two slows from Double Tap is particularly useful because it means after your opening burst, you can then slow any enemies trying to attack you, or slow another for your next Snipe. It also means you get that touch of extra damage from having two Pinning Shots.

Level 16: Crippling Shot

The 20% vulnerability Crippling Shot causes against a target is immense, and allows Nova and her team to deal massive immediate damage to a single target. A fully stacked Snipe, immediately after Crippling Shot, can blow up most squishy Heroes instantly.

Level 20: Precision Barrage

Allowing Nova to gain a second charge of Precision Strike, Precision Barrage also lowers its cooldown by 30 seconds. For a close-quarter team fight, it’s invaluable.

This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Nova play. We’ll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you’d like to share, let us know in the comments below and we’ll place them here.

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1. Try to use the long grass to hide your cover when firing, when not cloaked. You should also use these hidden locations to buy you time to re-cloak.

2. Always try to use your Crippling Shot followed by Snipe. You’ll slow them, gain the damage modifier and find aiming easier.

3. You should only really use Snipe at maximum range when poking/harrassing an enemy or if your team is in front of you.

4. Your decoy is amazing skill for body blocking. As one example, used infront of Stitches Hook it will prevent you being snared.

5. You need to be patient with Nova to really play to her strengths. There’s no use attacking if you’ll fail to kill the target as you’ll leave yourself massively exposed.

6. Always try to save your Bolt Of Storm for escaping. If you must use it to pursue a kill, make sure there is no one else around you so you can quickly re-cloak.

7. Learning each Battleground is important as there are lots of hidden areas or small nooks that you can hide in to avoid line of sight, even when not cloaked.

8. Always try to use Orbital Strike (if you take it) when enemies are stunned or body blocked to prevent them escaping its radius.

9. Always try to position yourself so that when you do fire, you can quickly escape.

10. Before using Crippling Shot or Snipe, summon your Decoy. Hopefully this will cause the opposition to use their cooldowns against it, which will buy you time if you are chased.

11. Don’t worry if you die a lot as Nova — she takes a lot of practice but can be invaluable to a team. Hit Quick Match and learn her.

12. Always roam the Battleground. You can’t clear lanes at speed, so you need to be moving across all three to pressure the opposing team and their Heroes.

13. Try not to move too much, as even when Stealthed you’re still easily seen.

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Heroes of the Storm Game Page.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm – командная free-to-play игра жанра MOBA, в которой вы повстречаете множество любимых героев из проектов Blizzard. Каждый из них обладает уникальными способностями и имеет свои сильные и слабые стороны.

В Heroes of the Storm вас ждут динамичные сетевые баталии, сражения на различных полях боя, удобный и понятный геймплей, большое разнообразие героев, уникальные испытания на различных картах, широкие возможности кастомизации и многое другое.

На этой странице представлена общая информация по игре Heroes of the Storm. По мере появления информации о проекте, на данной странице можно будет найти новости, видео, скриншоты, обои, арты, интервью с разработчиками, статьи, превью, обзор, советы в прохождении и многое другое. Возможно, вы попали на эту страницу, так как хотите скачать torrent Heroes of the Storm без регистрации или бесплатно скачать Heroes of the Storm на большой скорости. Портал Gamer-Info предоставляет информацию об играх, а ссылки на бесплатное скачивание Heroes of the Storm вы сможете найти на других ресурсах. Помогите другим больше узнать о проекте, оставьте отзыв о Heroes of the Storm, поставьте оценку или просто поделитесь страничкой игры в социальных сетях.

Если вы нашли ошибку в описании или датах релизов Heroes of the Storm на нашем портале, воспользуйтесь специальной функцией (знак восклицания справа от страницы) отправки сообщения редактору портала. Все заявки рассматриваются редакторами и нужные коррективы будут внесены в базу в ближайшее время.

Представленные в базе трейлеры Heroes of the Storm можно скачать бесплатно на большой скорости по прямым ссылкам. Ссылки на бесплатную загрузку видео становятся доступны после регистрации.

Вы также можете найти прохождение Heroes of the Storm, которое поможет сберечь нервы и время в поисках нужного переключателя или запрятанного в недрах локаций ключа. Прохождение также будет полезно тем, кто любит найти все секреты и собрать достижения. Если игра на английском, а вы плохо им владеете, то вам пригодится возможность скачать руссификатор Heroes of the Storm бесплатно без регистрации. Руссификаторы к некоторым играм содержат русскую озвучку, но в большей части случаев это просто субтитры. На страницах нашего портала также представлены коды к игре Heroes of the Storm, помогающие пройти даже самых сложных боссов.

Если у вас проблемы с запуском или нормальной работой Heroes of the Storm на ПК, предлагаем ознакомиться с возможными вариантами решения возникших проблем в специальном гайде.

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