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Hearthstone blackrock mountain

Hic Sunt Dracones

Trouble stirs beneath Blackrock Mountain. Deep within the fiery cracks of the Molten Core, Ragnaros the Firelord is massing his elemental forces, posing a serious threat to the black dragon Nefarian’s mountaintop lair. Things are about to reach a flashpoint… better break out the cards and show these two how real heroes settle their differences: with a civilized game of Hearthstone!

Blackrock Mountain throws you right in the middle of one of Azeroth’s most heated conflicts, the ancient feud between the elemental lord of fire, Ragnaros, and the powerful black dragon Nefarian, the de-facto leader of the black dragonflight. Nefarian would call himself the ruler of Blackrock Mountain, but Ragnaros and his elemental servants have been a thorn in the dragon’s side for far too long. This mountain’s not big enough for the two of them. Before you do the dragon’s bidding to take on the Firelord, ask yourself: Is Nefarian’s encouragement genuine, or are you just another pawn in the old wyrm’s schemes?

Fight your way through five wings full of epic bosses and add their exclusive cards to your collection, defeat clever class challenges to earn even more new class cards, then take on Heroic Mode to prove once and for all who is the true master of Blackrock Mountain.

Ready your deck. Watch your mana. Conserve health. And never, EVER, cut a deal with a dragon.


  • Must have unlocked all 9 heroes to play

Adventure Awaits

Blackrock Mountain is a Hearthstone adventure that will test your skills like never before.

  • Legendary: When you clear a wing for the first time, you will be rewarded with that wing’s legendary card – for example, the cruel leader of the mountain’s orcish inhabitants: Rend Blackhand!
  • Class Challenges: On top of the regular bosses, Blackrock Mountain also includes nine all-new class challenges. Class challenges pit you against a specific boss using a custom, pre-set deck designed to test your skill with the class in question. Succeed, and two copies of a new class card are yours.
  • New Game Board: SO SHINY!
  • Dragons: As one would expect, Blackrock Mountain is home to a variety of dragons. Prepare to see a lot more of these scaly, fire-breathing, adventurer-crunching creatures as you brave the mountain!
  • Orcs, Dwarves, and Elementals, Oh My: Aside from dragons, there are plenty of other minions fighting on either side of the conflict: Dark Iron dwarves, fiery elementals, and the Blackrock orcs (who already had that name before it was cool).
  • Heroic Mode: If you like a challenge, you can try taking on the Heroic Mode version of any mission that you’ve cleared. This extra-difficult game mode is designed for players who don’t mind taking on ridiculously unfair and overpowered opponents. Bring your best deck and plenty of patience. You’ll need it!

Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain — Molten Core Guide

Blizzard’s online card game, Hearthstone, has come out with a brand new solo adventure for players to test his/her strength against a variety of bosses.

The newest journey, Blackrock Mountain, features 5 different wings with 3-4 bosses each. Each boss can be beaten on normal or heroic mode, with card rewards, class challenges, and more.

Here we explore the second wing of the series, Molten Core, as we explore the next 3 bosses and the best classes, cards, and strategies to beat them.

Garr is a fire elemental boss that abuses his AOE (Area of Effect) damage to kill off any of your weak minions and subsequently his own. However, when his minions go down, so does your health.

Health: 30

Health (Heroic): 45

Hero Power — Magma Pulse — Deal 1 damage to all minions. (1 mana)

Special Cards

General Strategy

This boss works the strategy of placing as many Firesworn on the board as possible, and killing them off to do damage directly to your health. Because he can only use his hero power once a turn, and each Firesworn has 5 health, it’s going to take him at least 5 turns to start executing his plan.

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Since you know he’s going to be spamming 1 damage to all minions, using a deck with plenty of enrage minions is the perfect counter to his play. You’ll be constantly getting stronger without having to do anything, while he waits around to kill off his minions.

Recommended Class

Warrior — Since Warrior decks are infamous for centralizing around enrage minions, this is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the cheese combination of Warbot, Armorsmith, Seige Engine and Frothing Berserker. You’ll be constantly taking damage, and thus gaining armor and attack power.

Pairing these with some enrage-heavy neutral monsters such as Amani Berserker, Gurubashi Berserker, Tauren Warrior, and Raging Worgen and he’ll be beefing up your minions the entire time— essentially doing all the hard work for you!

*Sneak an Acolyte of Pain in there too for the extra draw power.


Baron Geddon

Baron Geddon is the second boss in the Molten Core wing of Blackrock Mountain, and is designed to punish players who don’t use every mana crystal wisely each turn.

Health: 30

Health (Heroic): 50

Hero Power — Ignite Mana — Deal 5 damage to the enemy hero if they have any unspent mana. (0 mana)

Hero Power (Heroic) — Ignite Mana — Deal 10 damage to the enemy hero if they have any unspent mana. (0 mana)

Special Cards


General Strategy

Baron Geddon is making sure you’re using your mana! Because of this bosses hero power, there’s no room to afford having any leftover mana at the end of your turn.

Paired with his special cards, an aggro deck with many low cost minions and spells is the perfect way to defeat this boss.

Recommended Class

Mage — The Mage’s abundance of varying cost spells makes it a great way to combat Baron’s hero power. Grab Arcane Missiles, Frostbolt, Polymorph, etc. to ensure board control. Arcane Intellect will also come in handy because of all the cards you’ll be playing to avoid his Hero power.

Neutral, low-cost minions work well in this situation because of his Living Bomb card. The key to avoiding this power is to make sure each one of your minions is easily killed off and disposable, such as Eleven Archers, Stonetusk Boars, Bluegill Warriors, etc. These low-cost minions will also pose as gap-fillers for turns when you need to use all your mana.


Ragnaros the Firelord

Ragnaros the Firelord is the final boss of the Molten Core wing along with Majordomo Executus.

The first stage is against Majordomo and upon beating his 30 health, you’ll be faced with Ragnaros for Stage 2.

Health — 8

Health (Heroic) — 30

Hero Power Stage 1 — The Majordomo — Summon a 1/3 Flamewalker Acolyte. (2 Mana)

Hero Power Stage 1 (Heroic) — The Majordomo — Summon a 3/3 Flamewalker Acolyte. (2 Mana)

Hero Power Stage 2 — DIE, INSECT! — Deal 8 damage to a random enemy. (2 Mana)

Hero Power Stage 2 (Heroic) — DIE, INSECTS! — Deal 8 damage to a random enemy. TWICE. (2 Mana)

Special Cards

Stage 1


Stage 2

General Strategy

While Majordomo in Stage 1 uses a very big minions including Flame Imps, Core Hounds, and a lot of Molten Giants. Once you defeat him, he is replaced with Ragnaros who has a lot of serious kill potential in Stage 2.

However, when Ragnaros appears, you’ll still have all your minions on the board so bursting him down before he has a chance to use his Hero Power and minions is the perfect strategy.

Recommended Classes

Mage — A Mage deck has freezes and Polymorph to take care of the bigger minions while you burn down the bosses. Just play control and keep whacking at his health in Stage 1, while using spells to counter his minions, and when he turns into Ragnaros in Stage 2 swing for the last 8 damage.

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In Heroic mode, Ragnaros will have 30 health, so good board control and a flood of big creatures is a necessity to have prior to Ragnaros appearing.

Shaman — A Shaman deck is also the perfect counter as it has a lot of big removal spells for the creatures in Stage 1 such as Lava Burst and Lighting Storm. The totems your hero power summons are also great targets for his removal spells, as he won’t necessarily target any particular minion.

The larger creatures Shaman has such as Fire Elemental should be used and buffed so that when Ragnaros comes for Stage 2, you can just attack directly and win before he gets a chance to use his abilities.


Wing Completion

Completing the entire wing will grant you the legendary card, Majordomo Executus:

Первые впечатления от демо-версии Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain

На недавно прошедшем Pax East компания Blizzard представила демо-версию второго приключения к Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – «Черная гора». И волей азеротских богов мне довелось прикоснуться к ней и даже придумать в ходе исследования новое ругательство на гномьем шахтерском, благо повод для этого нашелся на диво злобный, бородатый и с пассивным скиллом, который вызовет истерику у многих.

События «Черной горы» разворачиваются вокруг Рагнароса и Нефариана, а вернее традиционного драконьего развлечения «у кого длиннее хвост, тому и власть над местными землями». Для подтверждения весомости своих претензий они вызвали всю местную нечисть, среди которой затесались огненные элементали, дворфы Темного Железа, орки Черной горы с Рендом Черноруком во главе и другие милые создания. Игроку они встретятся среди знакомых ветеранам WoW Глубин Черной горы, Огненных недр и Логова Крыла Тьмы. На просторах нескольких крыльев (своеобразных уровней) и будет происходить выяснение отношений чешуйчатых властолюбцев. Но в демо-версии было доступно лишь первое крыло и первый босс, с которого, пожалуй, и начнем.

Оформление этой красоты интерактивно — наковальня искрит, если по ней ударить, лаву можно спустить, выдернув затычку на дне бассейна, а, утопив молот, через некоторое время можно увидеть перископ. или уточку

Боссы «Проклятия Наксрамаса» побеждались обычным игроком за десяток ходов на нормальной сложности, но в «героическом режиме» приходилось серьезно продумывать тактику, подбирать колоду и различные стратегии, порой тратя на это не один день, либо попросту собирать «легендарки», а уже потом мстить обидчику. С «Черной горой» всё куда интереснее. В обычном случае босс Корен Худовар, также особого труда не вызывает, особенно, если на руках колода, сплошь состоящая из Смертокрыла и ему подобных.

Вот он, первый босс и причина нервного тика на обычно спокойных показах демо-версий

Осознание причины злобного хихиканья разработчиков на Pax East становится понятно лишь на «героике». Мало того, что Корен приобретает 15 единиц брони, так ещё и его способность вызывает из колоды двух, а не одного случайных миньонов, а вам естественно достается один. Из-за этого и пары не менее коварных особенностей одолеть Корена Худовара сложно любому классу с любым количеством сколь угодно редких карт. Для победы требуется весьма специфичный билд, состоящий из кучи дешевых заклинаний, конкретных АОЕ-героев и танков, а также прокачанной удачи, чтобы такая колода выпала при игре за конкретный класс с заранее составленным набором карт, хотя никто не мешает попытаться собрать колоду методом тыка. Но даже в случае получения в начале раунда части необходимого билда, победу никто не гарантирует, так как босс активно пользуется новыми картами, часть которых войдет в доступный игрокам сет из 31 уникальной карты.

Правда, некоторые из новинок, вроде Dark Iron Bouncer автоматически побеждающего в«Потасовке», доступны лишь Корену и хвала Тьме за это. Как бы успешно не проходил бой, «Потасовка» сведет на нет любое преимущество, попросту удалив с поля всех миньонов, кроме Dark Iron Bouncer, и уже в следующем раунде злобный дворф благодаря своему навыку выставит трех бойцов против двух ваших. Получается весьма бодрая, но жесткая драка.

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Пусть «Черная гора» не несет в себе радикальных изменений в механике игры и по духу близка к «Проклятию Наксрамаса», вызов бросаемый игроку стоит ожидания. Если уж Худовар устраивает мини-апокалипсис с его уникальными картами, то что будет с тем же Нефарианом и Рагнаросом страшно представить, хоть и адски интересно.

Оправдывается такой геноцид нервов кипой новых карт в качестве трофеев от боссов и наград за классовые испытания, коих всего девять, стильными рубашками к картам и, разумеется, «легендарками». Во время демонстрации демо-версии лишь мельком показали несколько новых, но озвучивать их особенности запретили, тонко намекнув, что Гаррош может отправиться не только в прошлое.

«Черная гора» не будет глобальным дополнением, но новые карты весьма разнообразят динамику в геймплее, выходящие раз в неделю крылья приключения растянут удовольствие, а местные боссы высокомерно посмотрят на ряд коллег из кварталов Наксрамаса.

Blackrock Mountain


Blackrock Mountain is a second expansion pack to popular cards game – Hearthstone. This adventure campaign was created for solo playing, where you need to defeat bosses in all 5 wings, like it was in last expansion “Curse of Naxxramas”. In depths of Blackrock Mountain Azeroth’s most heated conflict awaits you. War between elemental lord of fire, Ragnaros, and powerfull leader of black dragonflight, Nefarian, started since Azeroth was born and continues for many centuries. You will need to plunge in fiery elements and challenge your Hearthstone mastery.

What awaits me in Blackrock Mountain?

In this adventure you will need to clear five wings of Blackrock Mountain, in first three wings you need to kill 3 bosses each, in other two wings – 4 bosses. Every boss is unique with own unique abilties and cards, which power can throw you in shock. Blackrock Mountain expansion, like in last expansion, have three modes: normal, heroic and class challenges. To pass Blackrock Mountain in the normal mode you need to collect serious card collection and to save up enough time. And for the heroic mode you need serious experience of HS and strong nerves, not for nothing this expansion is called the most difficult! But don’t despair! If you lack experience or time for passing of this addon, you can order from us boost of the Blackrock Mountain and receive magnificent cards which are still used in packs of the best players of Hearthstone.
Wings of the Blackrock Mountain open in a certain order, one after another, and access to the heroic mode appears after cleaning of all bosses in the respective quarter in the normal mode.

Which rewards can be granted in adventure of Blackrock Mountain?

For victories over bosses and closing of wings of the Blackrock Mountain you will receive new cards. Cards are given at once after killing of any boss therefore you will be able to add them to the pack at once. In sum for whole the Blackrock Mountain dungeon adventures is possible to receive 31 unique cards.

  • 17 cards for victories over bosses;
  • 5 legendary cards for completing dungeon wings;
  • 9 unique class cards for completing class challenges.

Features of the service:

We have added an additional feature for you – Hearthstone adventures without account sharing! This boost is done using sharescreen. There are two options – though for any option our booster needs a stable connection to your PC.

  • Skype sharescreen. Our booster calls you on Skype and you turn Skype Screen-share on and he controls your gameplay (tells you what to do). Service is available in English and Russian, as you prefer. You should be at the PC during the service.
  • Teamviewer. You need to install that program, launch the game and give us your Teamviewer connection details, so our booster can connect to your PC. During the boost you won’t be able to use your PC but you can watch the game from your screen!
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